iPhones Do Not Like Water

Oh no! Did your iPhone take a swim with you in a pool? Did you wash it with your laundry? Here are some helpful tips to fix a water damaged iPhone.

Do not attempt to turn on a water damaged iPhone. This is hard to resist, but your iPhone logic board will immediately short-out and die after doing this.

Do NOT use a hair dryer, microwave, or stove to dry the iPhone! If you use a blowdryer, the water will spread around and evaporate, which will cause the corrosion to grow faster. You can also “fry” your logic board with the excessive heat.

Remove your SIM card and shake out any excess water inside your iPhone. Next, put the iPhone in a bag of dry rice for the next 2-7 days to soak up the excess water. After the waiting process, plug the phone into a charger. If the charging symbol comes on, then there’s a good chance that the phone will likely boot itself back on when enough of a charge has been reached. Congrats – you did it!

If the screen remained blank after 3 minutes of plugging-in the iPhone, return it to the bag of rice and wait 2 more days.  Then repeat the plug-in process again.  If it will not turn on, you most likely have a permanent water damaged iPhone.  Your best hope is to try a professional repair shop at this point.

Good luck!