iPad Repair for Schools and Organizations

iPad Repair for Schools and Organizations

There are many choices in the market today to maintain a large collection of iPads in schools.  Worse yet, how do you deal with iPad repair for schools?  Schools, School Districts, Corporations, Government Organizations, and NGO’s all need different types of iPad repair solutions.  Which type of solution is best depends a lot on your organization, and where you are located.  Here are a few of the best solutions for bulk iPad Repair based on our radar screen.

iPad Repair for Schools

Schools and schools districts are one of the most important user bases worldwide for Apple devices, especially the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.  And kids break their iPads and iPhones frequently and easily!  Finding a reputable, high value, and high service iPad repair solution of your school and school district is not an easy choice.

iPad In Schools
iPad use In schools has hit new heights.

In the first year of deployment, Apple via their AppleCare services offers some solutions.  They can be expensive.  And they can be time consuming too.  Many schools and school districts opt to go with AppleCare, but they could find less expensive solutions with just a little more effort.  One up and coming solutions for iPad Repair for Schools are independent repair companies like RepairZoom in the USA and iCorrect in the UK.  These solutions are best in class, much less expensive than going directly to Apple, and typically will fix issues that Apple chooses not to offer under AppleCare.

If you have other types of device for repairs, and you need independent Apple Repair solutions, you can look locally to see if quick and easy one-off repairs can be done in your city or town.  But, you will find that the bulk iPad Repair solutions offered by either Apple or an independent solutions company will be often times much better for you.  For example, in southern California, the Saddleback Unified School District has been using a company called RepairZoom for their iPad repairs for many years.  They have found the service, quality, and timeliness of their iPad repairs to be the best of many options, including doing the iPad Repairs in-house.