iPad Pro Repair Solutions 2016

iPad Pro Repair Solutions 2016

iPad Pro Repair solutions are required in the marketplace now that the stunning upgrades to the iPad family of products is here.

Way back in 2010, Apple introduced the iPad – a tablet computer that revolutionized the world if business, education, and consumer electronics.  The iPad was a hit from the start and accounts for billions in iPad repair and iPad profitability for Apple.

IPad Pro Repair
iPad Pro Family History

The iPad product line has been regularly updated since its introduction and the constant changes in the iPad features and technology has always been really fascinating.

  • With the iPad 1 we got a big iOS device for reading
  • The iPad 2 became a blockbuster for Apple and was all about a thinner and more beautiful design on the iPad
  • The iPad 3 had a faster processor and sharper images with higher retina LCD resolution
  • The iPad 4 was faster still with the new Apple lightning charge port introduced
  • Then came the first iPad Air.  This thinner-still and faster iPad came with a new brand name (iPad Air 1) and rejuvenated iPad sales yet again.
  • Then in 2015 Apple brought out the even lighter still iPad Air 2 with new colors and an even higher resolution screen
  • Along the way, the iPad Mini was brought into the mix and was a hit for consumers that liked smaller iPads (bigger than an iPhone but smaller than the iPad Air.)

But what all of these first six iPads had in common was essentially the same form size and features, although they were constantly improved over time.  The camera resolutions constantly got better and the “A” chip inside went from slow to lightning fast.  Gamers rejoiced with faster graphics acceleration and crisp screen resolutions.

Finally in 2015, Apple departed from their typical normal “upgrade the processor and increase the retina display” sequence of iPad feature introductions, and introduced us to the iPad Pro.  And wow, we got a keyboard, a stylus, and a new focus on audio-sound quality improvements.  It came out with a massive screen size of 12.9″ with an ultra high resolution.  Many iPad lovers rejoiced, and others said – are you kidding, it’s just TOO BIG!

But the proof was in the pudding and it turned out that Apple was right on the market again.  Sales were steady and the device was a niche hit.  In such cases, after the branding and market is proven, Apple pulled off their typical genius and pushed on the gas.

So in March 2016 Tim Cook and his team held one of their signature Apple Special Keynote Events in Cupertino.  Cook and company took to the stage and told the world that they have made some amazing good progress on the iPad Pro product line and that they are bring out yet another iPad Pro!  The newest iPad Pro will be a smaller “cousin” to the larger iPad Pro coming in at 9.7″ (same size as the current iPad Air, but more on that later.)

So what about the need to provide iPad Pro Repair services.  Well, that will be hitting the iPad repair industry very soon.  These ever increasing in complexity tablet computers are repairable, although the cost and expense is going continue to increase.  It will be similar to current iPad Air repair services.  And the engineers at Apple are stuffing this thing with so much new technologically advanced innovations, it is making it harder to repair.  But quality repair shops like RepairZoom in the USA or iCorrect in the UK are up to the job.

What about the iPad Pro Keyboard

The iPad Pro product line introduces the fabulous Smart Keyboard as a new feature and the Apple Smart Pencil.  Both of these accessories helped Apple introduc the iPad Pro 9.7 version in early 2016 with much extra interest and fanfare.  Because while the newest iPad Pro is essentially the same size as the iPad Air models, the new features are truly extraordinary and help push thru “upgrade” buyers of former iPad Models.

So what will happen to the iPad Air brand?   Our guess is it’s not long for the world and we won’t even see this as a long term product branding.  And with the ancillary products available for both iPad Pro models, Apple has a lot more to keep selling with these “Pro” devices with very high premium pricing.

The Smart Keyboard alone includes breakthrough technology.   These include the nested and detachable blutooth Smart Keyboard, superior 4 speaker stereo sound, superior wireless connectivity, and support for the Apple Pencil stylus device.  The Smart Keyboard is especially cool.  It features new technology for pairing the device to free you from swithces and even plugs!

In summary, The iPad Pro is an entirely new iPad.  It’s a much more feature rich device introduing truly innovative technogies again.  iPad Pro consumers in business, education, and consumer segments are likely to make big purchases here.

We also expect the iPad Pro repair industry to take off with screen repairs available beginning right away, as soon as stock becomes available from Chinese manufacturers.  We also hope to see Apple to make a big iPad and sustained marketing push for iPad Pro as they have so much to sell here with this new device.



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