How to Repair an iPad LCD Screen

The Apple iPad is hands down, the most popular tablet computer in the world today, and their owners just love them and would do anything to keep any harm from happening to them. But even the most careful person slips up occasionally, so it is inevitable that the iPad will get damaged in one form or another. And one of the worst things that could ever happen to an iPad is to have a severely damaged touch screen; I’m not talking about scratched or nicks, but a cracked and useless LCD screen, which is why a lot of people want to know how to fix an iPad LCD screen.

Where Should You Take Your Broken iPad for Repairs?

Because the primary feature of the iPad is its huge touch screen, if it gets broken it renders the tablet computer useless unless you can get it fixed. A lot of people mistakenly believe that it is expensive to get the touch screen of the iPad fixed, but in retrospect it is actually more practical than buying a brand new unit to replace the broken one.

There are a couple of ways to learn how to fix an iPad LCD screen, most people would try to send it back to Apple to get it fixed but unfortunately, if you read the warranty agreement replacing or repairing a broken LCD screen is not covered. This is because broken LCD screens are commonly caused by the user, either they dropped the iPad or they placed a heavy object on top of it. So the only option you have on fixing your iPad’s LCD screen is to take it to a third-party iPad repair service.

What to Look for in an iPad Repair Company?

There is a distinct possibility that there are no independent iPad repair companies that are near your location, so the best place to find them is online. When looking for a company to send in your iPad for repairs, you need to first make sure that they have a solid reputation and they also need to have a reliable and easy to reach customer support, and most importantly they should give at least 30 days warranty.

Besides their reputation and the assurance that they do know how to fix an iPad LCD, another thing you need to make sure of is that they only use genuine Apple iPad replacement parts. The repair company you choose should have a healthy stock of all the most commonly used parts; if they only order the parts in an “as needed” basis then you can be sure that it will take a long time before your iPad gets repaired.

Though you can source out the necessary parts and try to repair your iPad’s broken screen by yourself, you should ask yourself, and do you really want to risk making the situation worse? The iPad is not a simple gadget, one wrong move and you could end up wrecking it entirely. The most practical choice is definitely to send it to a reliable repair company that have technicians how really known how to fix an iPad LCD screen.