iPhone Screen Repair options for 2017

iPhone Screen Repair options for 2017

So your iPhone screen repair needs in 2017 just keep getting better and better.  Your beautiful iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus has a cracked screen and needs some quick and high quality repair.  Look no further than the Apple Store, or a local independent iPhone Screen Repair company to fix that up for you with excellent quality and dependability.

iPhone Screen Repair
iPhone Screen Repair – RepairZoom Irvine

So why do iPhones when they first come out cost so much to repair?  That’s because it takes a while for the supply of replacement parts on the open market to grow enough to meet the demand.  It’s a simple economics principle of supply and demand, that even applies to the Apple iPhone Screen repair community.  So, consumers are well advised to protect their iPhone screens very carefully for a very long time to avoid the need for any repairs.

Is Apple the only option for screen repair?

Actually, no.  The Apple Store is an excellent choice, but it’s not your only choice for screen repair.  In fact there is a growing “right to repair” movement that is fighting for consumer to have choices when it comes to repairing the devices they own.  Just like with most industries, a healthy amount of competition is good for everyone.  I mean, you are not FORCED to go back to the dealership to fix your car, so why do you have to go to Apple to fix your iPhone?  And, the truth it, you don’t.

Great iPhone Screen Repair companies are all over the world now.  Locally in Orange County California RepairZoom is the most popular and well established choice.  In London, iCorrect is popular as well.  And we are certain there are similar options in your town.  Or go to a local Apple Store.  Do your homework in iPhone repairs first, and you will likely find the best option that suits your particular repair needs.

iOS 10 – iPhone Repair

The iOS 10 release is expected in September 2016, yet many users are already using the Beta version on their Apple iPhones and other devices.  Apple has issued 4 versions in Beta already, and 3 of these are public meaning anyone can download the newest iOS to their iPhones.  But how will the new iOS affect the iPhone Repair industry… will any changes be required?

The latest iOS 10 will enable a lot of exciting new features on your iPhones.  There will be cool and fast new folder animations, a new Control Center splash page, redesigned emoji characters and a lot more cool stuff.

iOS 10 iPhone Repair
iOS 10 iPhone Repair

But how cool will iOS 10 be?  Will it live up the Apple’s hype for your iPhone and iPad?  And “10” is big milestone number too putting even more pressure on the developers from Apple.

As typical, the first details of iOS 10 came at the WWDC 2016 event in San Francisco.  This is the same event where they introduced the details of  watchOS 3 and mac OS Sierra.  That’s a lot of new software… all designed to seamlessly work together to integrate your mobile iOS devices and your Apple and Mac Computers.  And in true apple style, the apps will me powerful yet easy to navigate.  Simple and clean.

As you’ll read in our iOS 10 first look, it’s filled with major changes for your daily phone and tablet routine, but don’t worry, all of the new features are for the best – and absolutely free to download.  And if you do need an iPhone repair in the future, the iOS 10 will not get in the way.  There are no special new lock-outs or other features that will hinder your ability to repair a broken iPhone screen at Apple or at a leading third party repair company like RepairZoom or others.

Many power users are already fully engaged with iOS 10 and have been using it for many months.  It is touted by Apple as Big, Bold, and Beautiful!  There will be lots of changes to Messages in particular.  You will be able to hand write directly on the screen.  This is similar to an iWatch feature and it’s very cool and personalized.  Also introduced in Messages will be a cool feature called “invisible ink” – which lets you have images be destroyed after you send them.  Hmmm… could this have been SnapChat inspired?

Maps will also be much more fully integrated into your iPhone.  You will see navigation and places inserted all over the place and seamlessly so.  iTunes on your iPhone will be upgraded.  And you will see the introduction of an entirely new App form Apple, called Home.  This is the start of integrating home automation with your iPhone.  Super cool?  Honey, can you start the dishwasher from my iPhone?

But rest assured.  iPhone repair needs will still be needed with your new iPhone 7 and iOS 10.  The iPhones will still break easily with so much glossy glass on the surface.  But you will be very happy to know that the prices of the repairs will still be relatively inexpensive and easy.