iPad Repair for Schools and Organizations

iPad Repair for Schools and Organizations

There are many choices in the market today to maintain a large collection of iPads in schools.  Worse yet, how do you deal with iPad repair for schools?  Schools, School Districts, Corporations, Government Organizations, and NGO’s all need different types of iPad repair solutions.  Which type of solution is best depends a lot on your organization, and where you are located.  Here are a few of the best solutions for bulk iPad Repair based on our radar screen.

iPad Repair for Schools

Schools and schools districts are one of the most important user bases worldwide for Apple devices, especially the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.  And kids break their iPads and iPhones frequently and easily!  Finding a reputable, high value, and high service iPad repair solution of your school and school district is not an easy choice.

iPad In Schools
iPad use In schools has hit new heights.

In the first year of deployment, Apple via their AppleCare services offers some solutions.  They can be expensive.  And they can be time consuming too.  Many schools and school districts opt to go with AppleCare, but they could find less expensive solutions with just a little more effort.  One up and coming solutions for iPad Repair for Schools are independent repair companies like RepairZoom in the USA and iCorrect in the UK.  These solutions are best in class, much less expensive than going directly to Apple, and typically will fix issues that Apple chooses not to offer under AppleCare.

If you have other types of device for repairs, and you need independent Apple Repair solutions, you can look locally to see if quick and easy one-off repairs can be done in your city or town.  But, you will find that the bulk iPad Repair solutions offered by either Apple or an independent solutions company will be often times much better for you.  For example, in southern California, the Saddleback Unified School District has been using a company called RepairZoom for their iPad repairs for many years.  They have found the service, quality, and timeliness of their iPad repairs to be the best of many options, including doing the iPad Repairs in-house.

iPad Air Repair Solutions

iPad Air Cracked Screen
iPad Air Cracked Screen

If you are lucky enough to have an iPad Air or iPad Air 2, you know the joy of this amazing device.  But you might also know that the iPad Air can break or crack, necessitating the requirement for a qualified iPad Air repair service.

Apple introduced the iPad Air in 2013, while the iPad Air 2 introduction came later in October 2014.  Both of these tablet devices are thin, much thinner and lighter than the iPad original, or iPad 2, 3, or 4.  They both sport a lightning style charge connector on the bottom of the device and a retina display LCD screen.  However, the iPad Air 2 also incorporates the Touch-ID fingerprint ID reader for even more convenience and product homogeny with the iPhone product line.

In mid 2014, there were many rumors in the marketplace that the iPad Air 2 would incorporate a less-breakable sapphire infused front screen.  However, this device still uses the large scratch and break resistant Gorilla glass just like it’s predecessor the original iPad Air.  Many experts now question whether Apple will ever introduce Sapphire screens on their devices.

So if it is not sapphire glass, why is the iPad Air 2 so much more expensive to repair than the original iPad Air?  That’s because the engineering inside the iPad Air 2 is significantly different.  It’s a slightly thinner device.  To accomplish this, the top glass screen and the LCD are now situated much closer together and actually rest upon each other; even connected together now by a thin gluelike film.  This makes repairing the iPad Air 2 more difficult – and more expensive – than original versions.  For any screen repair, you must now replace both the glass screen and LCD to get a proper repair.

As the iPad Air product family moves quickly to replace all previous version of the iPad, many suggest Apple will only produce the iPad Air 1 and iPad Air 2 by the end of 2015.  That will leave just the iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, and the two version of the iPad Air in the shelves for christmas time 2015.  So could an iPad Air 3 be in the works before we know it?  Stay tuned Apple fans.  The best is likely yet to come.

UPDATE:  As of Mid-2015, the only iPad models currently in production include the iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2, and iPad Mini 3.

What could be in the iPad Air 3?  Perhaps better native sound speakers?  This is an area Apple has had little innovation over the past years.  But with the acquisition of Beats in 2014, the talent and energy to add better audio quality to Apple devices is now resident in the company.  Also expect new chips beyond the Apple A6 processor.  New radio technologies.  And always faster speeds.

UPDATE:  The Apple A8 chip is now in all new devices.



iPad Cases – Form and Function All in One

Apple SmartCase for iPad Air
Apple SmartCase for iPad Air

UPDATED:  More iPad case ideas and more iPad Models

There are various types of iPad covers available in the market today, all of them offering different levels of protection. Probably the most popular type of protective case for the iPad these days is the Apple Smart cover, this is so popular in fact that it almost rivals the popularity of the iPad itself. The Apple iPad Smart Cover automatically snaps onto the side of the iPad by the use of magnets and securely stays in place on the screen of the device. It can also roll up to serve as a stand for the iPad or to raise it slightly so as to make typing on the on-screen keyboard easier.

Other Aftermarket iPad Cases

The only problem with the original iPad 2 Smart Cover is that it only protected the screen of the iPad and not its shiny case on the back. Fortunately there are also iPad covers that can protect the front as well as the back of the iPad. You can choose from a lot of different vendors, designs, and materials used. For instance, there are leather cases that will give your iPad a touch of elegance (as if it needs more), and it also prevents the entire tablet from getting any scratches, both at the back and at the front.

Some covers also have a built-in stand so that you can place it on a table and view it upright.  We love some of the cases offered by Speck iPad Cases which have a lot of style as well as function and protection.  And if you have kids, there are now many choices out there providing iPad Cases for kids.

You can also find cases with hard-plastic back covers that provide a different type of substantial levels of protection. There are iPad cases that can protect the device even if it falls from a desk or your lap. There are also some cases that prevent dust and water from getting into contact with the device, perfect for active people who just cannot leave their gadgets behind.

Show Your Personality

Besides preventing any kind of damage, iPad cases also serve another purpose, and that is for customizing the look of the iPad. Though the iPad is a stylish piece of technology, it originally only came in two colors, black and white.  Now it comes in a variety of color schemes with a gold, silver, and space-gray back cases, along with black and white front glass.  And in addition, there are only so much that consumers can do to further personalize their iPads.  We are not just talking about changing the on-screen wallpaper.

If you want to give your iPad an entirely new look, then putting a protective case on it is the best course of action you can take. You can choose from different designs of iPad cases, there are cases that have a lot of brilliant colors and trendy designs on them, you only need to choose the one that suits your personality.

Your iPad may be the most expensive electronic gadget that you own, so it’s only natural that you will want to protect it using protective and stylish iPad cases.