Apple to Open Apple Park in April 2017

Apple Park campus in California to be home for Apple development for decades to come

Apple is nearing move-in date to their new home, now called Apple Park in Cupertino California.  This incredible building, designed by Norman Foster Associates, is a new home to 12,000 Apple employees.

This incredible new campus was conceived by Steve Jobs, and brought to completion by Tim Cook.  It is an investment of over $5 billion.  First conceived in 2011 by Steve Jobs, Apple Park has been under construction since 2013 and is rumored to have cost Apple upwards of $5 billion… hard earned money that came from the sales of millions of dollars in iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Mac computer products.

Apple Park - New Home to Apple
Apple Park to Open for Apple Employees in April 2017

Who ever anticipated that Apple’s resurgence, led by Steve Jobs himself, would lead to the incredible Apple Park in 2017?  It’s such an amazing building – truly futuristic for the 21st century.

The building will house over 12,000 Apple engineers and employees building the Apple products of the future.  Not just iPhones… but products we have yet to imagine from the world’s most valuable company.  California is so lucky to have such an amazing company located in it’s borders.

On deck for Apple to introduce from their new building is the iPhone 8 – the iPhone for the 10th Anniversary of the product.  How did 10 years go by so fast!  What new hot features are expected in the next iPhone?  The rumor mill is rampant these days about OLED screen technology, the screens that will flex and bend to give a rounded image illuminated as it curves.  This is supposedly supplanted by a new charging technology, called USB-C, which is a more universal charger that will move away from the Apple lighting charger that is the current standard today.

And what about the iPad Air, iPad Pro, and iPad mini?  Will we expect to see these revamped and relaunched from the Apple Park Campus in 2017?  It seems it’s likely, as many technology publications are predicting the new iPads are likely to be introduced from the Steve Jobs Theatre soon.  And how poetic a moment that will be… perhaps quite emotional… as the first products are announced from Apple Park we won’t be able to help but remember Steve Jobs.


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